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Wild West Coast Waves

Wild West Coast Waves

This class celebrates my two loves…fused glass and the beautiful Wild West Coast of Canada.

I have been creating these waves for years and am excited to share the process with you so you can create and make for your audiences.

Luscious Lanterns

Everything you need to know to make gorgeous fused glass lanterns.

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A Little About Michelle

Life is short … Kiss the Boy & Eat the Cake!

Wild west coast waves in fused glass and flowing paint … Island-born Michelle Frost’s journey has been one of contrasts; small town girl leaves home to study art and architecture in the city, opens a gallery, and finds herself in the spotlight of the emerging art world–only to pivot to accounting, and corporate and government life.
It was the process of untangling grief that lead her, lovingly, back to her art and the work of her hands. Just as glass can shatter on the studio floor and be recast, Michelle returned to her small inlet-town on the West Coast of Canada to reflect, reinvent, watch the waves, and breathe in forest and beach and campfire.
Michelle’s studio, Coastal Flow Glass Co. is where she (with a little support from her two fur babies) creates beautiful, enduring art forms and weaves her imagery into modern décor designs as a way to share her beloved West Coast with others.

What others say about us

Michelle Frost…. I have a problem… I don’t want to give up any of my waves!

Love the class. Demonstrations of technique are very helpful and it’s great to be able to go back and watch as many times as needed.

Love it and as a newby, I appreciate your clear approach as well as the freedom to expand on it!

Very comfortable, lots of help, well explained and great projects to achieve your artist skills (and have fun) I recommend doing a class! Some really cool projects.

Thank you for the class and helping me feel I was doing well when I doubted myself. I can not wait to see the end result and without a doubt I will attend other classes.

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